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Needing video content or coverage for your next meeting, conference or trade show? 

Our corporate events division has been at the forefront in the latest cutting edge styles and techniques when it comes to video production. Whether you need a highlight video of the week, unveiling new products, video content for playback at the show, speakers on stage, or interviews shot on site - we got you covered for all your needs. 

Over the last several years we've built great relationships with AV Companies, Meeting Planners, and Large Corporations all over the world. We've traveled with some of the biggest brands across the U.S. and out of the country. So where ever your meeting is, we go where you go!


The highlight video or also known as a Happy Face video, is used to showcase your entire week at conference. The main focus is the attendees and highlight the key moments of the conference. From informative general sessions to the fun evening time events, we capture everything and put together a piece that's fun and entertaining. Not only is it a piece that's a keepsake of the event but can also be used as a marketing tool for next year's conference!

Conferences and trade shows are a perfect place to gather Interviews or testimonials from all types of people from within the industry. Most times it's the only time you can get industry leaders, doctors, and clients all under one roof at the same place to get their take on either industry outlooks or their testimonial of the current conference. Typically we set up in a private room that is low key, quiet, and comfortable. The set we create is interview style with all the lights, cameras, and sound setup so all the interviewee has to do is sit down and answer a few questions. We have color backdrops available or can dress the current room to look warm and inviting.

AWARD PRESENTATION - Content for Playback 
When it comes to the award segment of a conference, Award Presentation videos help reveal the winner, tell their story, and introduce the attendees to stage.  This gives your event the production value it needs instead of simply announcing the winners to stage. It also keeps the audience engaged and entertained during your session. 

The Backstory On This Project:
This was a pre-producded segment was for the 2016 S.E.E Annual Conference & Trade Show. 9 awards were given out and each had their own customized video during the general session.

VIDEO SEGMENTS - Content for Playback
Video segments help break up the keynotes to continue engaging the audience. As we do with all of our productions we fully produce the content from shooting to editing. Sometimes all that's needed is graphics which is all done in house and ready for conference prior to the event. There are so many uses to go to video segments on screen, it's endless!

The Backstory On This Project:

This was a piece created for Tire Centers Inc. and was shown at their conference in Greenville, SC. The project was shot in Jacksonville, FL and was used to hype the audience to showcase a day in the life at Tire Centers Inc.

The Backstory On This Project:

This was another video segment piece we produced for Pepsi at their annual Best of the Best award show in Orlando, FL. Fully produced here at Walking Saloon Pictures, we gathered interviews in both Florida and Georgia while capturing signature landmarks in the 4 different cities we filmed in. 

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With all the planning and rehearsing going into conferences you to make sure you have the video capture

of the speaker sessions on file. These important keynotes help drive the industry forward and the uses are

endless. The sessions can be shown to employees who couldn't make it to conference. It can also be used

for training material either internally or used as webinar content. The possibilities are endless!

The Backstory On This  Project:

This is a short snippet of two speakers sessions from different conferences one in Dallas, TX and the other 

in Orlando, FL. 

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