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It all started with a camera.

Our Story

by Jeremy Maldonado 

Owner/Creative Director

The origin story can go as far back being born in Winter Park Hospital and being raised right in Fern Park, FL, a suburb of Orlando if you're not familiar with the area. Fast-forward to high school taking 4 years of TV production. Fast-forward even more all the way thru film school at Valencia College and now we're getting to the goods: when we started our company. 

On January 20, 2009,  I officially did the paperwork to start our company. At the beginning we just had a camera that I had purchased during film school by saving my student grant money. Now at the beginning we were only shooting weddings. We were filming all over Florida with tons of happy clients. And as much as I enjoyed the process of telling story of two people in love - I wanted to do more. 

At the time, we started to assist larger production companies in the area of editing, shooting, and so on. When they had a project come along that they didn't have time for - we were first to be recommended. This is where we started working with brands, large corporations, and organizations. Our very first conference we filmed highlights for was in Hawaii - I mean does it get any better than that for the first time?

From there we never looked back. From the corporate world of conventions to commercial shoots to the more intimate shoots of filming brand films - we really love what we do. There's no story without setbacks. There's lots of lessons we've learned over the years that made us better business owners and storytellers. But we learn from our mistakes and become better because of those life lessons. We've been blessed with a great talent pool of individuals who we trust as our crew members and not only are they great friends - but they are family.

At the end of the day we hope to inspire others by telling our story and help bring your's to life. Because if we all pinch in and do our part by helping each other - then we can all be better humans.

-Jeremy Maldonado, Founder