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Your People. Your Voice. 

Potential clients want to choose a realtor they can trust and has the knowledge to get them to the finish line. Whether they are buying or selling, they need to know who you are and what you are about.

Together, we craft a creative plan to tell each element of your real estate brand. From our in depth docuseries, brand films, and  new hire onboarding films - we only use your people and your voice. Let your potential clients get to know the real people behind the brand.

Your story - hand crafted.

TNG DocuSeries  - Episode 2 -  "The History of the Cameo Building"
Episode 1 - " Strength in Numbers" for The Nickley Group Home Advisors at KW at the Parks.

An 8-Part mini docuseries showing you what it’s really like to be a real estate agent in today’s market.
Unprovoked. Unfiltered.
TNG Docuseries - Ep. 3 -  "The TNG Difference"
TNG Docuseries- Ep. 4 - "Core Values"
TNG Docuseries Ep. 5 -" Raving Fans Club"
TNG Docuseries - Ep. 6 -  "The Dogs of TNG"

Social Media Content

Using the creative from the brand film we help produce short form social media content that drives traffic back to you. We help build a plan that puts consistency on your social platforms. Run Times:  :15-:60sec

Brand Film

We want to help bring an awareness to your real estate brand by telling your story. From early struggles to the great triumphs. Your potential clients get to know the real people behind the brand.  Run Times: 2-5 Min.


We craft a multi-part docuseries where clients see the real day to day. This invaluable content is where clients see more than just a realtor - they see the person. It's raw, it's real, and it's inspiring.  Run Times: 5-8 Min.


 Your story takes center stage on your website and ready to distribute on multiple channels . With a distinct call to action, your commercial is Formatted perfectly for online advertising and television. 

Run Times:  :15-:60sec


When you need to hire, you need to explain exactly what the company is all about. Show how your work environment and core values intertwine together. How your best practices and community set you a part from the rest.

Run Time: 1-3 Min.

Client Testimonials

It's so important to get real client testimonial. It's not just about the sale, it's how you made them feel. What better way to showcase the hardwork you do for your clients - from the clients themselves.

Run Time: 1-3 Min.

TNG Docuseries Ep.7 -" Reality of an Agent"
TNG Docuseries Ep.8 -" World Class Experience"
Onboarding/ Recruitment
The Nickley Group - Onboading/ Recruitment
Real Estate Brand Film
The Nickley Group - Brand Film
Client Testimonials
The Nickley Group - Client Testimonials


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Influence Buying Decisions

90% of customers say that video helps them making buying decisions

Quickly Establishes Relationships and Trust

Our marketing videos quickly establish trust and build relationships with viewers 

More Visibility Over The Competition

The Majority of firms still do not use video in their marketing. This provides an excellent opportunity to distinguish oneself in a crowded industry