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An Orlando Video Production Company

On to the fun part - filming! The production is where we gather all the great aspects of your company. We're going to start by filming sit down interviews beautifully lit on location at your office. This is where we get all our information needed to tell your story from beginning to end. 

From there, we'll get creative gather cinematic "B-Roll" to help paint the story. Whether it's shots around the facility, product shots, or drone aerials - we got it covered.
And finally we wrap it up in post-production and bring your story to life. Here during the editing process, the real emotion comes to screen. This where your story unfolds. We want to pull real organic answers from your interviews.  Only the best shots from the cinematic B-Roll are chosen. Music is carefully curated to help inspire your audience.

When the final piece is completed, we format your video for all viewing platforms. Whether it's for large screen formats, wide screen social media formats, or vertical video story formats - you get it all.

So are you ready to tell your story? Message us today.  
The process begins with a discovery meeting. Here we will brainstorm together to find out more about your company and find the message we want to tell. From here we can tell any story about your company. For starters, we can begin with the company origin story. We'll find out how you started, early setbacks, and great triumphs.

If we want to dive deeper into a specific message, we can do that. Here we can find the root of why you sell your product or service and the deeper meaning of them.  Think of this as your own docuseries. Or maybe you want to do an educational series as your own Master Class. The opportunities are endless.
Trust the Process